I recently participated in an interview at the Claridge House hotel in Chicago to discuss the contents of my new book Building Character with David Huber, the producer and host of the podcast Interstitial. Interstitial is “a show about space and the consequences of our designs.” It is the first series offered by the online […]

The Toron A-frame is an affordable housing prototype that hybridizes prominent features of African and European architectural typologies to formalize the cultural complexities of the African American experience. It is envisioned as a contemporary form of developer housing that will contributed to the revitalization of segregated black communities in Rust-Belt cities across the United States. […]

Charles Davis. Building Character: The Racial Politics of Modern Architectural Style¬†(Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019) Table of Contents Introduction – The Racialization of Architectural Character in the Long Nineteenth Century Part I: The Aryan Character of Alpine Architecture 1. Campfires in the Salon: Viollet-le-Duc and the Modernization of the Aryan Hut 2. Beyond the […]

For the last two years, the students at Cornell University’s School of Art, Architecture and Planning have selected guest speakers to address topics of contemporary interest. These events are held on the wooden floor portion of the L. P. Kwee Studios in the OMA addition of Milstein Hall. I was invited by the Ph.D. students […]

I welcome you to join the architectural history faculty at the University at Buffalo, SUNY and four distinguished guests to discuss the theme “The Whiteness of American Architecture.” It is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd in 403 Hayes Hall on UB’s South Campus. You can find more information here and the synopsis is provided below. […]

I want to thank Kim Forster from the Canadian Center for Architecture for inviting me to participate in the Toolkit series on Activism this summer. This series reviewed the writing projects, current research and activist activities of Andreas Rumpfhuber, Pelin Tan, Torsten Lange, Tatjana Schneider and myself, covering various geographies and constituencies around the globe. […]

I would like to thank Summer Sutton for inviting me to speak about my research to Ph.D. students at Yale University. Sutton is a founding member of Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning and Design (ISAPD) at Yale University’s School of Architecture and has consulted on graphic design projects for museums and public institutions involved with […]