Interview on podcast “Interstitial” about Building Character

I recently participated in an interview at the Claridge House hotel in Chicago to discuss the contents of my new book Building Character with David Huber, the producer and host of the podcast Interstitial. Interstitial is “a show about space and the consequences of our designs.” It is the first series offered by the online magazine Thinkbelt, “an educational media organization that formats critical knowledge about the worlds we make for the age in which we live.”

You can link to my interview here, which includes both the audio of our interview and a line-by-line transcript in the event that reading is a better experience for you. New episodes are available every Tuesday evening at, via iTunes and Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Each episode of Interstitial features one interview with the author of a recent book that offers critical ways of understanding the worlds we make. Previous episodes have included interviews with Timothy Hyde on the book Ugliness and Judgement (Princeton University Press, 2019) and Beatriz Colomina’s X-Ray Architecture (Lars Müller Publishers, 2019). I was very honored to be asked to interview for this podcast and thank David for putting me at ease enough to speak coherently about the book.

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